Stunning boy. Just 14 months old in this photo. Very mature boy for his age.
At just 3 months old, already a beautiful boy
It's a hard life!
Beautiful traditional Norwegian features
Such a wonderful laid back nature

In Loving Memory. Gone But Forever In Our Hearts

Grand Champion

Bostinforest Chewbacca

5th June 2018-12th April 2021

Sadly missed. Passed away suddenly,

an unexpected loss.

Bostinforest Théo

Théo is now 8 months old and looking magnificent

Théo was born 03/09/2020 to Quenza.  We just had to keep him with his amazing size and stripes.

We cannot believe that our beautiful baby Théo has also passed away very suddenly. Not related to Chewbacca or hereditary. Devestated doesn't come close. Run free 'Our Kid' with your buddy Chewbacca 💔.

Bostinforest Théo 03/09/2020-15/07/2021

Tingoskattens Magnus. JW

Our prized boy came to join us on 17th October 2021. He was also from Walter's breeder in Norway.

he absolutely loved being on the show bench and gained the pestigeous title of Fife Junior Winner,

After being the father to just 2 litters, he became ill. Despite our vets best efforts he sadly passed away. We are all devestated.

Again. nothing we had done wrong and nothing hereditory.

we now pray there is no more bad luck in our household.

Tingoskattens Magnus. JW


Relaxing on his first day with us