2024 show updates

Thrilled to announce that Porsha has gained the highest title awards in both FIFE & GCCF!  She is now known as 

Supreme Grand International Premier Forestshadow Skye and

UK Imperial Grand Premier Forestshadow Skye. Porsha is now 8 years old!

Frode has also gained the highest title award in FIFE. He is now known

as Supreme Grand International Premier Normagikatt Mathis.

in GCCF he is Imperial Grand Premier Normagikatt Mathis. 

Hopefully at this years Supreme cat show he will also gain his UK title.

Frode is now 8 1/2 years old!

This is how Freya looks now!

An absolute stunner at 4 1/2 

years old. Her FIFE title is now

Grand International Champion.

GCCF title is now Grand Champion,

Walter is now 5 years old and produced many fantastic babies!

In GCCF and FIFE he is Champion Tingoskattens Walter. He is about to gain the International title in FIFE.

Meet Freya's daughter Poppy!

Born 30/9/2021.

She has gained the Champion titles for both FIFE and GCCF,

So Champion Bostinforest Poppy

Meet Marcie, daughter of Daisy.

Born 22/6/2021,

a Beautiful Blue and white tabby who has the FIFE title of

Champion Bostinforest Marcie.

Please welcome our new stud boy Krokskogen Rufus. A red smoke and white boy, half brother to Erika.

He is also doing extremely well on the show bench. He won Best in Show male kitten at this

years Norwegian Forest Cat Show

Meet Jørgen, Walter's son!

Jørgen was born 7/6/2022.

His FIFE title is International Champion.

in GCCF he is Champion.

Please welcome our new Queen Krokskogen Erika. A silver tortie tabby harlequin born 5/5/2023. No titles yet but doing very well on the show bench.